What is Contacts Sync?

Contacts is a user interface for ownCloud's CardDAV server. ownCloud Server comes with a CardDAV component that allows users to synchronize and backup their address books with ownCloud and across multiple devices. It provides users with an alternative to proprietary contact synchronization services giving them back control over their data once more.

How does Contacts Sync work?

The Contacts application is an extension to ownCloud's CardDAV interface and is available via the top-left menu in the advanced web file manager. 

It equips ownCloud with a feature-rich frontend for the CardDAV server component, supports multiple address books and empowers users to easily manage their contacts from a web interface for ownCloud. 

Users can export contacts in .vcf files from their devices and import them using the application.

Furthermore users can share address books with other users or groups (read-only/editable) enabling to synchronize address books not only across devices but also across users. 

Users will find the URL for device synchronization (to configure synchronization in iOS, Android or other CardDAV-capable applications) in the 'Settings' section on the bottom left inside the application after logging-in. 

You can use any CardDAV client app such as one of these which you can find with a simple online search. 

You can use the default Contacts app in Mac OS and iOS. We recommend DAVDroid mobile app for Android. 

Using your CardDAV client app, login to the ownCloud server. The client will setup an address book on your device to sync with. 

Thereafter, whenever you add or modify contacts in that address book the changes will get updated on the server. 

If you have shared the server address book with other iWebz ownCloud user accounts then their copies of the address book will also get synced.

What to do if the CardDav client apps are throwing errors or do not work?

First of all check the feedback on the mobile apps before you download & install them on your phones and tablets. Secondly check with the developer and other users of the software for similar issues. If the issue has been caused by something from iWebz’s end, let us know via the Contact Support link on your Order Details page.