Q. Can I try out the Sandstorm system?

A. There is an online demo you can try out at demo.sandstorm.io 

Avoid submitting any private information to the demo system.

We also offer a 14-day free trial for the SS User plan.

Q. I have signed-in to iwebzcloud.com using Login OTP/Google/facebook but I cannot login to your Sandstorm hosting. Why is that?

A. The iwebzcloud.com sign-in will display your active & inactive service accounts across all our cloud services with their respective subscription and payment information. From here you can also set a password for the account. You will use this email username and password to sign-in to our cloud services such as Sandstorm.io cloud hosting.

Q. How do I signup for a Sandstorm.io user account?

A. The signup process for a Sandstorm.io user account is quite simple and can be completed in minutes:

  • Sign-in to iwebzcloud.com and add some basic one-time contact/billing info.
  • Select the signup / trial option below any paid plan of your choice.
  • Select either Debit/Credit cards or PayPal account to setup the subscription via PayPal.
  • Within the next business day you will receive your Sandstorm login details with the first-time invitation link.

Q. What kind of support is included in your hosted Sandstorm system service?

A. We offer quick customer support via a ticket system during working hours. For more details see section 2 in our Terms of Service.

Q. Do I need to use or connect an email service?

A. The Sandstorm system sends out emails to enable account registrations, file access sharing, event notifications, and user invitations. You do not need to add an email service. They are all sent using the @iwebz.net domain. Email delivery is affected by many factors which are beyond our control, hence, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any issues arising out of non-delivery of notification emails.

Q. We have not received some emails sent out from the Sandstorm system using your email service. Can you fix this?

A. Delivery of emails sent using our email service is affected by many factors which are beyond our control. If user invites are not getting delivered, try sending the access sharing link for that grain using your own email address. If you have opted for a server you can use your own SMTP credentials.

Q. How do I install and use a Sandstorm app?

A. If the app is pre-installed then you only need to create a Grain (private copy) to start using the app. You can create as many grains as you need and invite guest users to collaborate/share files in some or all of them. If the app is not pre-installed, navigate to Apps > Install (+) and install the app from the App Market.

Q. How does secure collaboration work in Sandstorm?

A. In Sandstorm, each app instance (also called a grain) is private by default and no one else has access to it. 

In order to collaborate with others, you can trigger an email invite from Sandstorm with permissions to a guest user so they can access your grain only as per those permissions. To do so:

  • Click the Share Access link in the black top bar.
  • Choose a Send an invite option.
  • Enter a valid email address.
  • Select the right permissions (optional)
  • Write a personal message (optional)
  • Click Send

Alternately, you can get a sharing link with the right permissions by clicking on the Get shareable link option under the Share Access link. Anyone with this link can access your grain with the permissions granted to that link.