Q. Can I try out the Sandstorm system?

A. There is an online demo you can try out at demo.sandstorm.io 

Avoid submitting any private information to the demo system.

Q. What kind of support is included in your hosted Sandstorm system service?

A. We provide a publicly available Sandstorm system for you to administer using an admin panel. Our service is limited to hosting the software, and providing customer support via a ticket system during working hours. For more details see section 2 in our Terms of Service.

Q. What does usable disk storage mean?

A. Usable disk storage is the amount of storage available for use by the Sandstorm system for storing data and files.

Q. Why do I need to use or connect an email service?

A. The Sandstorm system sends out emails to enable account registrations, file access sharing, and event notifications. You can use our email sending service for free unless your Sandstorm system activity uses more than the free limit mentioned in your plan. We can also connect your email sending / SMTP relay service account to your Sandstorm system, if you have one. If we use your email service the free email notifications limit will not apply, and we will not charge you for any emails sent.

Q. We have not received some emails sent out from our Sandstorm system using your email service. Will they count against our email limit?

A. We count all emails sent out using our service. Delivery of emails sent using our email service is affected by many factors which are beyond our control. Since our infrastructure is being used to send out emails, irrespective of whether the emails are delivered or not, we will count those emails.

Q. How does secure collaboration work in Sandstorm?

A. In Sandstorm, each app instance is private by default. In order to collaborate, you can send an email invitation to someone else so they can access your Etherpad document:

  • Click the Share Access link in the black top bar.
  • Choose a Send an invite option.
  • Enter a valid email address.
  • Write a personal message (optional)
  • Click Send

Alternately, you can get a Sharing link by clicking on the Get shareable link option under the Share Access link.

Q. How do I setup file sync and storage?

A. You can use the pre-installed Davros app from the Apps section.

If it is not present you can install it from the App Market when you are logged-in.

Q. How do I setup group chat / website live chat?

A. You can use the pre-installed Rocket.Chat app from the Apps section.

If it is not present you can install it from the App Market when you are logged-in.

Q. How do I setup a website?

A. You can install the WordPress app from the Sandstorm app market when you are logged-in.