Q. How do I setup file sync and storage using Davros?

A. Check out this online video or follow the steps below:

Once installed, go to Apps > Davros and add a shared directory. A new shared directory grain will be created. 

You can change the name from Untitled Davros shared directory to any other name of your choice.

You can even delete the default sample files in the directory by using the trash icon on the top-right of the blue app menu.

To sync files & folders to your online shared directory you have to follow these 5 steps:

  1. Install an ownCloud desktop client. When you have installed the client it will ask you to add an account. Leave it in that state. 
  2. Now visit your Sandstorm system and go to Grains > [your shared directory] and open the Clients tab to the right. 
  3. Copy and Paste the Server address, Username and Password into the ownCloud client.
  4. Select a folder on your computer to sync with the shared directory and proceed.
  5. The ownCloud client will start syncing your folder's files & sub-folders to the online shared directory.

Ensure that the ownCloud client is running on your computer whenever you make changes on the folder's files & sub-folders.

You can sync the shared directory with selected folders on unlimited/multiple computers by installing the ownCloud client on each of them by following steps 1 to 5.

Any change with files & sub-folders on one server will be synced with the selected folders on other computers.

To sync a different set of files & sub-folders you can create another shared directory grain and then follow steps 1 to 5.

Q. How do I share files using Davros?

A. There are TWO ways to share files using Davros. 

  1. Inviting other user accounts from your Sandstorm system. 
  2. Option 2: inviting external guests via email. 

To share access to your synced files use the Share Access option on the black user menu.