Do I need to signup for a payment processor to be eligible to use your service?
Yes. You need to be registered with (and in some cases approved by) the payment processors we support to be able to use our service.

Which payment processors do you currently support?
The list of supported payment processors is available on this page.

I am signed up with a payment processor that you have not listed. Can you add it to your service so I can use it?
We are keenly watching the developments in the digital payments space and if there is a popular need to introduce more payment processors we will definitely do so. In the meantime don't forget to subscribe to our notifications/newsletter to stay updated.

How much will it cost me to use the payMyPage (pMP) service?
That depends on the Plan you select on this page.

Can you explain the FREE plan?

  • Users in this plan do not have to pay anything until they upgrade to the PAID plan.
  • As long as you use our service with the FREE plan, we will place ads at the top of all your payment pages. 
  • If you upgrade to the PAID plan you will need to pay for all past successful payments received using the pMP service.
  • You cannot downgrade to this plan from the PAID plan.


Can you explain the PAID plan?

  • First and foremost there will be no ads on your payment pages. 
  • We will charge you a service fee only when you get paid successfully using a payMyPage payment page. 
  • We do not charge you any setup or maintenance fees. 
  • Our service fee is over and above the payment processor fees.
  • When your cumulative unpaid service fee crosses a minimum billing threshold, we will bill you on the 1st of the following month. 
  • The threshold is INR 30.00 for users from India, and USD 1.00 for everyone else.
  • To avoid account suspension you will need to pay the bill by the 15th of the month.
  • You cannot downgrade to the FREE plan.


Does your PAID plan service fee include payment processor charges?
Payment processor fees are separately billed by the respective payment processor.


How do I refund a payment I received using your system?
We help you collect payments from visitors/buyers by integrating your payment processor options on a single page. Since we do not process the payments ourselves, to refund a payment you have to login to the respective payment processor's website, locate the transaction, and grant the refund to your buyer.

I had to refund a payment initiated through your system. Can I get a refund of the fee for that payment which you charged me as a PAID plan user?
We charge a service fee only when you get paid successfully using our system. Any refund you grant to your customer/buyer is related to your product/service proposition. It has nothing to do with our service which has successfully helped you collect the payment. Since our PAID plan service fee is a success-based fee, it is therefore, non-refundable.

My visitors/buyers are getting an error when trying to pay me through your system. What do I do?
First check if your account is active with the concerned payment processor and if your account status has been downgraded for any reason. If so, contact the payment processor's support team to address the issue. If all is well with your payment processor account, inform us using our helpdesk giving transaction details and screenshot(s) so we can troubleshoot any issue in our system.