What is My Account?

My Account is a special section of the website for those who have ordered certificates from us. Logging into the My Account section gives you access to view your current order status of all orders, view referral link & earned referral discount, download certificate files, and request re-issue of certificates within their validity. You can also download invoices for all your paid orders.


How can I login to My Account? Is there a time limit after login?

You can login to the My Account section in THREE easy steps:

  1. Tap My Account in the top navigation menu, or click here.
  2. Enter the email address you used to place your SSL certificate order.
  3. Enter the Login OTP sent to the email address.

You will be automatically logged out if you are inactive for more than 15 minutes in the My Account section.


I have not received the Login OTP email for a long time. What could be the problem?

  • Sometimes emails get delayed for upto an hour due to strict spam settings of email service providers. So far we have faced such issues with Yahoo!email addresses.
  • Check if you have typed the correct email address. Try logging-in again to be sure.
  • If you do not see the OTP email in your Inbox, be sure to check your Spam/Junk folders as well.
  • If you still do not see the Login OTP email, please submit a ticket with the details so we can resolve your case.


Can I change the email address for My Account? I have many clients and I have placed orders using their email addresses?

Each order has a Customer Email address associated with it. We will change the Customer Email address for an order only if the request for change in email comes from the current Customer Email address for the order and mentions the order number(s) for which the change is needed. Once there is a new Customer Email for an order, that order will automatically appear in the My Account section for that email address.

Please note if your referred users change their email address, it could affect your Referral Discount earned as you only earn discounts for referring unique new customers. Also referral discounts earned on previous orders are non-transferable and will remain credited to the email through which they were referred.

If you are a reseller or service provider placing orders on behalf of your customers, we suggest that you place the order with your email address. This way you do not have to contact your customers for the Login OTP when you need to access the My Account section for their orders. Also this will help you to view all the orders in one place without having to login to each customer’s account.