What are the types of storage available via my ownCloud account?

We provide file sync storage with a storage size limit as per your plan. Additionally, we store any synced contacts and calendar events in a separate storage.


What is the recommended usage for each type of storage?

You should use Sync storage as an online briefcase to only store important files you want to sync across all devices and access from anywhere.


Where are my synced/uploaded files stored?

We ensure data from Indian customers is localised i.e. stored within India. Your synced files are stored securely in the iWebz℠ cloud created using the highly-reliable Amazon AWS cloud services in India.


How does File Sync work?

You will find your account username from the order details page. 

An email with the link to your Order Details page was emailed to you when your account was created. 

The default password is iwebz which you should set to your preferred password using the Set Password option.

IMPORTANT: After creating your ownCloud account, you need to login to the ownCloud server using your PC's web browser. 

First login will take about 30-40 seconds and activates your account on the cloud. 

Setting up your PC to sync files is very easy!

When you login to the server you will be shown ownCloud client software download options. 

You can also download and install from this page.

Download and install the client for your (Windows/Mac/Linux) PC. 

Login to your ownCloud account.

The client will create a special sync folder on your PC.

Thats it! File sync will begin immediately. 

As long as you are connected to the internet, anything you copy to that folder will be replicated on the server with the same file and folder structure.

You can then access the files and folders from anywhere using the advanced file manager.

When you install the PC client on other computers and login to the same ownCloud account, it will create a special sync folder on those PCs as well.

The current copy of the files and folders on the server will be replicated on those connected PCs.

When a file or folder is modified or deleted in the sync folder on any one of those PCs, the change will get replicated all the other PCs.

You can also use mobile apps to access and upload files from your phone/tablet.

Which files can I store on my ownCloud account?

The types of files you can store using your ownCloud account is governed by the User Conduct section 10 of the Terms of Use.


Why does my storage quota only show the availability & usage of Sync storage?

We only monitor Sync storage that is directly managed by the ownCloud system. The optional External Storage is an extension that uses system storage external to the ownCloud managed system and are therefore not tracked within the system.


What kind of files do not count towards my Sync storage limit?

  • ownCloud created files such as thumbnails (icon previews, pictures app), temporary files, encryption keys, etc.
  • Deleted files in the trashbin
  • Synced contacts
  • Synced calendar events

Which additional client software & support do you provide for accessing the iWebz hosted ownCloud service?

We do not provide & support any additional Client software for accessing your ownCloud account beyond the Advanced Web File Manager access. For your convenience we have listed some 3rd party client software such as PC sync & Mobile apps on the Downloads page. You are free to use any software compatible with an ownCloud server as long as it does not cause an unacceptable drain on iWebz resources that threatens the experience of other users.


Are there free ownCloud client softwares available?

All official ownCloud PC sync software available from the ownCloud open source community is free of cost. Official mobile app clients have a tiny fee, but you may also find free ownCloud-compatible alternatives in the respective mobile app stores.


What to do if the Mobile apps are throwing errors?

First of all check the feedback on the mobile apps before you download & install them on your phones and tablets. Secondly check with the developer and other users of the software for similar issues. If the issue has been caused by something from iWebz’s end, let us know via the Contact Support link on your Order Details page.


What is the Personal Settings SSL root certificates field for?

This setting allows a user to import SSL certificates from other servers they want to mount into their ownCloud, and is best used by someone with server administration knowledge. To secure the transfer of your data to our ownCloud servers, we enforce a strict SSL encryption policy. If you have a self-hosted WebDAV server with a self signed SSL certificate, or if your certificate is signed by CaCert, then you can add this root certificate to ownCloud to create a secure SSL connection to your External storage. This allows you to import root certificates you trust, but which are not part of typical system certificate bundles.