What is ownCloud?

ownCloud is a cloud sync & storage system for file, contacts, and calendar backups, that enables remote or mobile file access and sharing with others.


What does ownCloud do?

  • Keeps your files, contacts, and calendars in sync between all your devices
  • Lets you share files with others with links having time-based expiry
  • Gives you access to the same set of files across all your devices


What else does ownCloud do?

If you have family and friends also on an iWebz ownCloud account, your locally shared files & folders will be visible as files & folders within their ownCloud account.


Can I do Phone to PC file transfers using ownCloud?

Yes. You can upload files from your phones and tablets to your PCs using ownCloud. 

First setup the ownCloud sync folder on your PC with your iWebz-hosted ownCloud account details (visit the Order Details page link in our 1st email).

Then install any ownCloud/ownCloud-compatible mobile app on your phone/tablet and login with the same ownCloud account.

Use the app to upload files to your online ownCloud storage from your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet.

The files will automatically appear in the ownCloud sync folder of your Windows/Linux/macOS PC when it is next online.

If you have setup your ownCloud account on different PCs, the files will appear there too!


How is ownCloud different?

  • You get File, Contacts and Calendar syncing services in one system with one account. 
  • Unlike other storage services, you can also share files with other ownCloud users across the world using your personal federated ID
  • You can also connect your ownCloud storage as a WebDAV Network Drive if your PC has a WebDAV-compatible operating system. 


How can I access my ownCloud account's storage?

You can login and access your ownCloud account's storage using ownCloud apps or your web browser from your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, and Windows/Linux/macOS PCs.


What is ownCloud not meant for?

  • Not for storing & sharing pirated content/software, or for hosting websites. Please see User Conduct section of our Terms of Use for further guidelines.
  • Not a replacement for file backups. Although files do get stored securely on our cloud, this is a sync solution to mirror and access your files across multiple devices and locations.
  • Not meant for keeping files safe from viruses on your PC. Please invest in a good anti-virus software for that. If you upload infected files, they will get synced online and on your other devices.


Do you support File Encryption on your hosted ownCloud service?

We have enabled File Encryption for all the files stored in your ownCloud account storage. Only you can access the content of the files you upload. The files on your PCs will not be encrypted. Only the files stored on the server will be encrypted.


Why take an ownCloud Account from iWebz?

iWebz does the setup and manages the the ownCloud server software, the bandwidth for the servers, updates other required server softwares, and manages the file storage required. You as a user will have access to this system at any time, from any location, via your ownCloud account, and you will own & have full control over your data. You do not have to worry about anything else. Thanks to ownCloud being open-source software, and through efficient sourcing of cloud infrastructure by iWebz, your costs remain low.


Is there a way to try out an ownCloud Account?

We have a limited ownCloud demo account you can try via web access or mobile app. [Username: test, Password: testuser]
Additionally you can also signup for your own free 14-day trial account with 2GB storage.

How do I upgrade my ownCloud account?

Simply signup for a higher plan. You will get a new account username and password. Add the new account on your PC ownCloud software and remove the previous account. Select the same local PC folder to sync files with the new account. Do the same with the apps you use for Contacts and Calendar syncing.